School has started, I’m totaly slammed, I’m addicted to Scandal and out team has almost doubled in size.

Tomorrow’s our first game :D

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Good Things:

-I spent a beautiful three weeks with the boyfriend. I’m constantly amazed at our ease or being together and how goofy and gross we can be with each other. 

-Rugby has started and we have SO many new girls and big things happening for my team. I’m just so excited for our season.

-My projects this semester are going to be intense and interesting. Which I love. I’m feeling extra inspired.

Not so Great Things:

-The internship I wanted in Ireland fell through so I’m searching again.

-My Brothers girlfriend of 4 years was unfaithful

-My boyfriend is back to being 6000 miles away and 6 hours ahead of me.

Anonymous asked:
Hey Colleen, I am beginning to lift weights and I was wondering if you had any tips for me or advice. I also play rugby at my school La Salle University! So I feel like you will know a lot of useful lifting practices for girls who have such a strain on our bodies. Thanks!

Awesome! My best advice for you is to just to make it a habit. Read as much as you can about rubgy & lifting and make sure you do your cardio (even if you HATE it). as for making sure you have enough to fuel your body, just eat all the time. Keeping your nutrition up can reduce your risk of injury, as well as stretching. So if you can take a yoga class. I try to shoot for at least once every week (but i definitely dont always make it). I’m sorry if im not specific enough, i’ll be happy to answer more indepth if you want.


Bodies are really fucking cool.

With the right care and effort, you can literally mold yourself.

Like what the fuck.
It’s awesome.

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My boyfriend gets here tomorrow

And I’m really excited because I miss him a ton. Like a million tons because I’ve never wanted anyone in my life like I want him and he makes me a better person all around.

But I’m really nervous because I can tell from the look in my parents eyes that they really don’t support my decision to date someone from another country.

Mostly my mom. And I really love my mom when I don’t live with her. but fuck me when I do because I can’t stand her. She picks and badgers everything to bits and I can’t live with such constant negativity.

Its really frustrating and I don’t want to damage my relationship with my parents over a boyfriend. But I’m also not going to get rid of my boyfriend because thats what my parents want.