Bodies are really fucking cool.

With the right care and effort, you can literally mold yourself.

Like what the fuck.
It’s awesome.

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My boyfriend gets here tomorrow

And I’m really excited because I miss him a ton. Like a million tons because I’ve never wanted anyone in my life like I want him and he makes me a better person all around.

But I’m really nervous because I can tell from the look in my parents eyes that they really don’t support my decision to date someone from another country.

Mostly my mom. And I really love my mom when I don’t live with her. but fuck me when I do because I can’t stand her. She picks and badgers everything to bits and I can’t live with such constant negativity.

Its really frustrating and I don’t want to damage my relationship with my parents over a boyfriend. But I’m also not going to get rid of my boyfriend because thats what my parents want.

When My Coach Says My Form Looks Good



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